What is tele-nutrition?

Simply put, tele-nutrition enables a Licensed and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) to deliver care in a manner that is convenient to you (i.e. outside of the traditional office setting).  Here, we provide web-based nutrition expertise through a HIPAA compliant & secure portal that empowers our clients to correspond and interact with a clinical RDN through a variety of mediums all in one place: video chat, messaging, & photo food logs. 

Why tele-nutrition?

Currently, healthcare delivery is broken. The most effective healthcare team members are there when and where patients need them. We believe that because you answer the question, “What should I eat?” in your home, in your office, or with your family and friends, we should be right there with you. Tele-nutrition places you within arms reach of a North Texas Nutrition Associate. We bring expertise to you—no need to take time off of work to drive to an appointment or take your kids out of school to bring them to visit with one of our dietitians. No need to keep up with paper and lists. We’ll save all of that for you on the web.  You control when and where your virtual consultation takes place.