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Starting a new health habit? Tell yourself these 5 things

“I don’t need more discipline. I need more time.” It takes about 7-8 weeks to “learn a new taste. Sources like the National Kidney Foundation recommend giving yourself about 2 weeks to gradually adj.... read more

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Mindfulness and Intentional Eating Practices

Many people wish to cultivate a more harmonious and fulfilling relationship with food, ultimately leading to a better quality of life. Exploring gratitude, mindfulness, flexibility, and intentiona.... read more

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These are the three drinks you should replace this summer

Every year, North Texas weather climbs well above 100 degrees during the summer months. What a person chooses to drink during this time can make the difference between enduring the heat or being well .... read more

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Caffeine: How much is "too much"?

Caffeine is one of the most widely used stimulants in the world. It is a naturally occurring substance in plants (not just coffee beans) and depending upon the source, some estimates indicate that Ame.... read more

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Diet Trends in 2024: What's hot and what's not

The New Year is just around the corner and with it comes an onslaught of new supplements, diet books and plans, coffees, teas and "plans" promising everything from weight loss to anti-aging to disea.... read more

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Making the Most of Your Medication Regimen

An opinion piece written by Katherine Tom MS, RDN, LD, CDCES What is semaglutide? Its a popular drug that belongs to a class of medications that are called glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists .... read more

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Why You Don't Have To Track Calories to Reach Your Nutrition Goals

Its been long referenced in the nutrition space that we are a part of to encourage clients and patients to track their calories particularly when the end goal is weight management. In fact in 2008 a.... read more

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Skyr: Homemade Instant Pot Version

6 HOURS | 8 SERVINGS | HIGH PROTEIN, LOW-FAT, LOW CARB *homemade skyr nutrition facts vary  120-160 calories/5oz. serving <10g carb and ~17g protein/serving INGREDIENTS 1 gallon skim cow's mil.... read more

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Eating and Feeding On the Go

The Car Cooler Before I became a parent, I used a cooler for beach and fishing trips only. Now its become a year-round staple in my car, nestled between two car seats. Even if your kids are much ol.... read more

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How To Eat Less Sugar: Replacing Sugar Alcohols

Its probably not going to come as a surprise to you that eating more whole and fresh foods in their least processed form appears to yield greater health benefits than eating a diet composed mainly o.... read more

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