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Summer Time Kid-Friendly Snacks

Summer time is coming soon. Cue the kids opening the refrigerator constantly, draining the pantry and asking "Mom, what's for dinner?" We know from food surveys that kids in the U.S. don't usually .... read more

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How to Learn to Like New Foods

Not everyone is born to love fruits and vegetables. Some people describe vegetables to have a bitter taste or have a texture that is squishy or slimy for that matter.  What would you say if I told y.... read more

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Super Food Smoothie

5 minutes | 2 Servings | Kid-Friendly, Toddler-Friendly Ingredients: 1c baby spinach leaves, washed and dried 3/4c cow's milk (1%) Note: If you substitute with almond or oat milk, look for no-sug.... read more

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Safe Food Storage: Materials Matter

There are a ton of new food storage materials now on the market and if you have a family and have read recent guidelines issued from the American Academy of Pediatrics then you're probably aware tha.... read more

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Buy back time in the kitchen--in just 15 minutes

How do you buy back time in the kitchen when you don't have time to cook? Or time to prep? Or when you work long hours? Or what about when you're fielding kids and family to sporting events? How do yo.... read more

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School & Big Appetites are Back in Session

 Pictured left: Sophia's "Food Flower" with "olive clouds and a potato chip sun" (Age 6) Why is my kid gaining weight? It’s a loaded question for sure but what does the science tell us? W.... read more

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