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Skyr: Homemade Instant Pot Version



*homemade skyr nutrition facts vary  120-160 calories/5oz. serving <10g carb and ~17g protein/serving


1 gallon skim cow's milk

1 packet Icelandic yogurt starter

1 rennet tablet

pure vanilla extract


blackberries, raspberries & blueberries (fresh)

or canned in its own juice sliced peaches


Instant pot

straining cloth


2 large quart sized glass jars with lids


1. Pour one gallon of skim milk into the Instant Pot.


2. Press the "YOGURT" button on your Instant Pot and to BOIL. Heat the milk to 190 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Let the pot cool down 80-90 degrees until it reaches slightly above 100 degrees.

4. Remove about a cup of the milk into a separate clean glass jar and whisk in 1/4c of the yogurt starter. *If you don't have yogurt starter, some recipes call for using a cup of store bought Icelandic yogurt. We have not tried this method yet in our Instant Pot*

5. Pour the starter and milk mixture back into your Instant Pot.

6. Next prepare the rennet. We use rennet packets. Some recipes call for rennet drops into water. Add 1 rennet packet into the milk mixture and press "YOGURT" on the Instant Pot.

7. When the Instant Pot beeps, remove the pot and allow to cool to room temp before straining.


8. Using a lined colander with a straining cloth nested on top of a glass bowl, pour the milk mixture into the cloth and strain over the glass bowl. squeeze several times. Leave the straining cloth tied securely at the top over the colander until no more liquid freely drips (about 1 hour).

9. Remove the yogurt from the strainer and place into the large quart glass jar. Chill overnight.

10. When you are ready to enjoy it, remove the yogurt from the glass jar and top with a drizzle of honey, a dash of vanilla extract and mixed berries or blend the yogurt with canned peaches (in its own water).


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