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Every Kitchen Needs...

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A well stocked pantry is only as good as a well stocked kitchen, if you ask our opinion. You don't need expensive equipment to get the job done, but you do need to have the right tools on hand to make the job easy. Here is our short list of "must haves" followed by "nice to haves" with regards to kitchen equipment. What is your favorite kitchen gadget?

Must Haves

1. Oven safe glassware: a 13x9" pan (bonus if it has a silicone lid for storing leftovers)

2. Non-stick 2 quart sauce pan 

3. Non-stick large skillet

4. Measuring cups (one set for dry ingredients and one for liquids)

5. Scratch resistant cooking utensils (avoid metal which will scratch your pans and conduct heat while you're cooking--a burning hazard)

6. Digital scale 

7. Crockpot 

8. Sharp cutting knives 

Nice To Haves

1. Cast Iron Skillet - these are durable, add iron to food during cooking and heat foods evenly 

2. Air fryer - great for cooks who are preparing meals for 1 or 2 people and minimize mess during use

3. Silicone pan liners - consistently baking results and make cleaning up easy

4. A high-end blender - make soups, blend large fruits and vegetables in smoothies

5. Food processor - cuts down on chopping time



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