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So you've procrastinated until the last minute to purchase Christmas gifts. At this point, you need ideas for items that you can buy at a store and you need them fast! We've got you covered. Here are our top 10 favorite gifts that can be found at a local chain store, span all age groups, promote healthy eating and cost less than $50.00:

1. An electric tea kettle

These kettles boil hot water in minutes. They are the most popular item on our list for outfitting a college student's home away from home. In minutes, the water can be used to boil pasta, rice, and of course, tea! Pair this gift with a box of green tea and you'll earn bonus points from us. 

2. An egg steamer

Easy to store and easy to use, this appliance steams up to 8 eggs (depending on the brand) in various consistencies: soft boiled, medium boiled, or hard boiled depending on your liking.  Several of our clients use this appliance to prep their work week breakfasts and snacks all at once!

3. A water infuser

Can you recall the last time that you drank water at a spa or in hotel lobby? Can you see taste the lemon and cucumber? Chances are the water was made in an infuser and you can purchase one yourself in a bottle or pitcher form at the store. They are super easy to use--just drop the fresh ingredients in the center and fill the rest of the container up with water. Chill and enjoy your flavored, no-sugar added water! (Our favorite combos are: basil & cucumber; thyme & lemon; raspberries or blueberries & lime). 

4. Silicone baking mats

These reusable mats cut the cleaning time in half when baking items in the oven--you won't regret gifting one or several!

5. Stacking snack containers

Cut the guess work out of portion control for your gift recipient! These convenient containers are portable, easy to clean and help keep calories in check.

6. Coffee and spice grinder

We are always recommending ways to incorporate healthy fats into our client's diets. One way you can make eating healthy fat sources (like flaxseed) easier is by gifting a grinder to grind the seeds in! Coffee grinders aren't just for coffee--they can crush peppercorns or flaxseeds. 

7. An air popcorn maker

This is one of the best ways to get kids off of eating fried snacks--teach them how to use an air popcorn maker! Better yet, consult with us to learn fun spins on popcorn making.

8. A pizza stone

Many brands are compatible with grills. Who doesn't love homemade pizza?

9. Clear plastic refrigerator organizer bins

The ultimate gift for Mom!

10. Vegetable spiralizer

For the foodie on your list--Make spiralized zucchini, cucumber, squash and carrots and cut cost in half from buying the pre-made versions in the grocery store.

Happy shopping!


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